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Fiction Archives*

due South Fiction Archive [DSA] - A comprehensive archive of due South fanfiction of all kinds, slash, gen, het, both Rays, etc. This is the largest repository of dS fanfic, dating from the beginning of the fandom. It was formerly known as Hexwood but moved a couple of years ago to a new server and new management. It is now sometimes referred to as Exwood.

due Slash [dueSlash] - due South slash fiction archive

Bindlestitch Archive [Bind] - Archive of due South fiction from the Bindlestitch mailing list. Welcomes kink; no het.

Racine Street archive [Racine] - due South fanfic archive; primarily non-slash

Ride Forever archive [Ride] - due South fanfic archive

Fraser's Library [FrasLib] - due South "family" fanfic archive; G to PG-13 ratings only

Welsh Fanfiction Archive [Welsh] - Archive for fanfic featuring Welsh

Lavender [Lav] - A small e-zine archive focused on the female characters of dS. Slash and gen.

White Wolf [Wolf] - Diefenbaker fanfic archive

Renfield Turnbull: The Collected Stories - A collection of links to stories - slash, gen, and het - in which Turnbull is a substantial character. Not a story archive.

*Some descriptions taken from Kat Allison's DS overview on crack_van


Duet and Duet 2 - Excellent due South F/K zines from Duet Press; edited by Stormy, distributed by Agent With Style.

Oblique Publications zines [Oblique] - Various zines (some are entirely dS, some are anthologies that include dS stories) edited by M. Fae Glasgow, including the Paean to Priapus and Bene Dictum zines, among others. Most are online in pdf format at the website; the others can be ordered.

Serge Protector Zine [SergPro] - due South F/K zine; out of print but online in its entirety in pdf format

Angel Wings Press - zine publisher. Angel Wings is now a division of Devious Development Press.

Devious Developments Press - zine publisher.

Lionheart Distribution - Agent for dS zines from Devious Developments Press, Angel Wings Press, and Live Oak Manor Press

Agent With Style - centralized source for purchasing various zines

Waveney Zine Shop - centrlized source for purchasing various zines

Fraser/Ray K Fanzine Listing - Bast's complete listing of F/K zines, with links to publishers and ordering information

Due South Zines: Fraser and Ray Vecchio - Morgan Dawn's complete listing of slash, gen, and het zines featuring Fraser and RayV, with links to publishers and ordering information

Livejournal Communities

ds_discourse - Discussion of the episodes, characters, and anything else related to the show itself; no discussion of fandom or fanfic

ds_flashfiction - Weekly short fiction (about 200-1500 words on average) challenges

ds_flashback - Daily fanfic recs focusing on older stories, underrated classics, or terrific stories that might have been missed; two-month rotations of seven volunteers, one for each day of the week

ds_icons - Icons and fanart relating to DS

dsreporter - dS-related news and announcements, including fic and art postings, zine publications, actor sightings, and any and all other information related to the fandom, the fanfiction, the show, or the actors

ds_writers - Discussion for writers and readers of dS fanfiction; writers can post snippets, request critiques, or ask for any other kind of help

crack_van - Multifandom rec community; includes introductions to the major fandoms; stories rec'ed by volunteers who rotate on a monthly basis

Mailing Lists

A few of the mailing lists that may be of interest to dS slash fans

Asylum - F/K list

Bindlestich - Discussion of all things due South

DS_storyfinders - List for help locating fic

PG-L - Paul Gross list

Serge - F/K list

TwoAxes - F/V list; actively hostile to Kowalski


Alasen's vids:

   - Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

   - New Favorite

Laura Shapiro's vids - password required

Mary S van Deusen's vids

Laurie's Vids (One Girl Revolution)

Media Cannibals - Livejournal with info about Media Cannibals and their vids; email address for ordering

Morgan Dawn's vids - password required for online vids

Wistful Fever's vids

Sources for DVDs and Videos

Currently due South Seasons 1 and 2 are available on DVD. Season 1 does not include the pilot. The Season 3 DVDs, which are expected to include the pilot, are scheduled for release on January 27, 2004. Release of Season 4 DVDs has not yet been announced.

Badlands Books - Run by PG's father Bob Gross; source for most PG DVDs, CDs, and videos, including dS DVDs.

Real due South - Wolfwalker's site; source for episode tapes - including Bloopers - and tapes of actor intervies.

Amazon Canada (amazon.ca)

DVD Pacific

Other Links

Fan Sites, Focusing on the Show:

William and Elyse's due South Page - Excellent, thorough, up-to-date due South fan page, including news, episode guides and reviews, character descriptions, information about the show (including all the music played on the show, the origins of character and episode names, and filming locations), interviews, pictures, and links.

Melanie's due South Page - due South fan page, with an excellent episode guide and the famous guide to Fraser's "I first came to Chicago on the trail of my father's killers" lines in all the Seasons 3 and 4 episodes.

LJC's due South Page - due South fan page; a bit outdated but with good episode guides and some images and articles.

Amy's due South Page - due South fan page; episode analyses and fun episode quotes.

Katya's Quick-and-Dirty Episode Guide - Just what it says. Katya's site also includes a wonderful rec page.

Real due South - Wolfwalker's site; includes information on actors, as well as episode transcripts, statistics, and all sorts of interesting info related to the show. Episode tapes - including Bloopers - and tapes of actor interviews available for ordering.

Fire in the Head - Episode transcripts.

Official due South Website - A bit outdated, but with good information about the episodes, characters, cast, and crew.

Sites Focusing on Callum Keith Rennie and Paul Gross:

Callum Keith Rennie.net - Bast's site; excellent source of screencaps from dS and virtually all other PG and CKR movies, TV shows, and appearances; also bios and filmographies for the actors.

The Ultimate Callum Keith Rennie Archive - All sorts of info about CKR, including bios, pictures, interviews, articles, and links.

Rebel Without a Comb - CKR site, with bios, pictures, quotes, links, interview transcripts, and soundclips, primarily relating to due South and Hard Core Logo.

PG-L Paul Gross Website - All sorts of info about PG, including news, bios, lists and descriptions of his television, film, theater, and music activities, and links. Also runs the PG-L mailing list

Badlands Books - Run by PG's father Bob Gross; info about PG and source for PG DVDs, CDs, and videos.

Sources for Mountie-related products:

Mounted Police Gift Shop

The Mountie Store

Scarlet and Gold Gift Shop

Red Serge Gifts

Other Sites of Potential Interest to dS Fans:

Introduction to the Northwest Territories

Guide to Canadian English